Friday, May 1, 2009

California Wind Systems WindCell Technology

One can barely touch a newspaper, watch a television or listen to a radio without being confronted by the pressing need to develop clean, sustainable and renewable sources of energy. Capital markets are seizing opportunities to develop revolutionary renewable energy technologies, verifying that the time is right for applying new thinking even to old energy technologies. Our pending intellectual property covers such a revolutionary technology, one that allows cost-effective wind power generation to be installed in locations previously off limits because of zoning, low wind speed and cost difficulties.

California Wind Systems (CWS) combines protected, market relevant technology, a proven management team, advanced product development and a commercially viable plan to make local wind power generation a reality.

California Wind Systems Brings Cost Effective Renewable Energy to All Home Owners

Once the purview of hobbyists and environmental activists, alternative energy sources are gaining in popularity but still face serious obstacles before they can become popularly adopted. Local energy generation can be expensive, and further complicated by local and regional zoning laws and regulations. Often, personal energy creation only makes economic sense when tax and power company incentives are available. CWS’s patent pending WindCell™ technology offers a viable solution to existing obstacles by allowing a low profile, aesthetically unobtrusive clean power generator to be easily mounted on any residential home.

Standard wind turbines do not meet most zoning code requirements, with the exception of rural or remote areas. Current wind power approaches typically require installation of costly towers, making wind power generators a less viable suburban alternative to other renewable power generation technology. Because CWS’s products are low-profile and complement a building’s form, (i.e. they do not require installation of obtrusive towers, or include large noisy fan blades), zoning requirements and community acceptance are much less of a concern.

Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems, though more suburban friendly than tower-based wind power technologies, are costly and lose effectiveness over time. CWS’s whisper quiet WindCells™ are targeted to retail for $2,500 and effectively produce power from the smallest breezes day or night, 365 days a year. CWS residential systems are projected to be 1/3 the cost of equivalent PV systems, and 40% less than equivalent classic wind turbine systems.